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Idk what other comics you read, and your previous ones have most of the obvious choices covered. If you want a particular team of x-men, Storm has run some cool ones, and x-force has had some nice lineups over the years.

trufax i haven’t read any other xmen things other than uncanny and all new. i was gonna start the current run of xmen (which i believe has storm and a bunch of ladies? i’m all about the comic ladies) 

and under the cut is a great big list of things that i have read/am reading. bold means i’m currently reading it/its currently running.

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Legend of the Seeker + tumblr posts, pt.2 [pt.1]


He is a ghost.

kay but i need to choose a team for 5/5 on this comics meme. and i’m tempted to do xmen bc hey who doesn’t like the xmen, and i’m enjoying the current runs of uncanny xmen and all new xmen. but holy fuck there are like five million xmen. 

i do not know how i would wittle that down into a workable spam without being like WELL I LIKE MAGIK, AND KITTY PRYDE IS SWELL, AND X23 IS WONDERFUL, AND GOLDBALLS CAN STAY BECAUSE LOL GOLDBALLS. 

what the hell.

followers should weigh in on this and help me decide.

the other option is screw the xmen and figure out another team from the comics i read. 

this has easily been the most difficult of all the parts of this meme.

 All those years wasted fighting eachother Charles. To have a precious few of them back.

It’s always been yours.




He just moved here from 1943.

If you’re from 1943, why don’t you look old? OH MY GOD, TONY, YOU CAN’T JUST ASK SOMEONE WHY THEY DON’T LOOK OLD

"Do you wanna do something fun? Wanna go get schwarma?"
"I can’t go get schwarma, I’m on an all-carb diet! GOD, Tony, you’re so stupid!"

you mentioned bruce raising a tiny clone steve and i love that. what would that even be like?


Awkward, mostly. 

The kid’s awkward due to being raised in a lab. 

Bruce is awkward due to being Bruce. 

Someone earlier mentioned that Bruce’s Steve would be a girl Steve who secretly tells only Bruce that she thinks she feels a little off and then they buy some dresses and hair ties and give each other terrible make overs. Imagine twelve pigtails in the Hulk’s hair.

He and Betty would trade shifts with the kid when it’s time to go to the lab, or leave her under JARVIS’ supervision or maybe let her come after a rambling discussion about lab safety. 

And he’d teach her wildlife facts he’s probably reading off Wiki and they’d go to the park and she’d learn about photosynthesis. He’d probably read to her to before bed. 

Like imagine the kid giggling and whispering to him while they’re seated at one end of the dinner table, all quiet and unobtrusive. Aww :’)


very small dog? puppy

very big dog? puppy

very young dog? puppy

very old dog? puppy

puppy? puppy

stiles + criminal activity